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Gumzo, Kenya-based video conferencing startup

Gumzo is a the only video conferencing platform in Africa


A local Kenyan startup Usiku Games has set up the first video-sharing platform in Africa, Gumzo – which is aiming to compete with giants such as Zoom, and Google Meets. The “Made in Kenya for Africa” platform has unique features such as whiteboard, screen share, and games such as scrabble and Ludo. The platform also intends to add extra shows such as karaoke parties and movie co-watching platforms.

Easy to operate

Gumzo is quite easy to access as you do not require any downloads to operate. In addition, there are no configurations involved. Callers on Gumzo can watch movies or play games as if they were seated right next to each other.


All calls on the Gumzo platform occur on its browser and are end to end encrypted to ensure privacy and security of users. Where the call involves more than 4 users such as in large conferences, the signal is encrypted between each caller and the main central server. There are even provisions for highly secure private calls.

Local footprint

In addition, all of Gumzo’s data centers are within the African continent meaning all calls made within the platform promote local jobs within Kenya. The company has dedicated 50 percent of all revenues earned to be directed to NGO’s dealing with Covid-19.

Revenue model

Gumzo operates on a pre-paid bite-size plan going for Ksh100 (USD$1)for hosting per week – unlimited calls and attendees. You no longer have to worry about 40 mins cut off time again.


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