HexGn launches Startup Ready program targeting African entrepreneurs


HexGn launches a Startup Ready program targeting African entrepreneurs. A new cohort was launched in Lagos in a partnership with Passion Incubator, Hub One, and Leadspace. HexGn works closely with private companies and governments in over 20 countries that seek to promote entrepreneurially and future-proof economic institutions.

75-90 percent of most startups fail due to several reasons. HexGn program helps early-stage developers to validate their concepts and present them to potential buyers. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to solicit frequent consumer reviews in an effort to develop an MVP.

HexGn programme gives workshops and deep dives focused on customer retention, product design, and leadership development among creators, including those specialized in media, training opportunities, and access to HexGn network of experts and engineers.

The 3-month program runs activities designed to assist in the refining, solidification of business models, and increase their preparations for global investments. You can apply for the cohort at HexGn website.


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