Inclusivity In The Workforce 

credit: WOCinTech Chat (Flickr)

TechInAfrica – This year the world is back celebrating International Women’s Day.

Based on an annual study by the World Bank ‘Women, Business, and the Law 2021’, gender equality in the workforce is becoming a priority.

In Sub-Saharan Africa countries alone, Mauritius, South Africa, and Zimbabwe place the highest score of 91.9, 88.1, and 86.9 out of 100 in gender parity respectively.

Dell Technologies estimated that by 2030, 50% of the global workforce and 40% of the global people leaders will be lead by the female.

They set goals of allowing 95% of employees to receive training on unconscious biases, harassment, micro-aggressions, and privilege, along with the significant role of female and under-represented groups that account for 50% of the company’s philanthropic programming beneficiaries.

Among the practical approach to flourish women’s roles and participation in an empowering environment is by nurturing and building their STEM skills.

Companies can provide mentorship, webinar, training programs, and job opportunities that are inclusive and unbiased for women and minorities.

With the combination of vision and practical approach, we can expect an encouraging number of women-led businesses, a more supportive environment for women, and inclusivity in the workforce.


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