Liquid Achieved 100,000 Fiber Network Milestone


TechInAfrica – New achievement milestone unlocked for the digital solutions provider Liquid Intelligent Technologies with the 100,000 km fiber network.

The company started from 89,989 km from the beginning of this year to this achievement, while the infrastructure has impacted more than 100 million people across 643 towns and cities on the continent. It will promote more digital inclusion and transformation.

Nic Rudnick, Group Chief Executive Officer, Liquid Intelligent Technologies commented on the celebration, saying, “Over the years we have been successfully connecting countries through our high-speed connectivity and digital services.

“ Our successful partnerships with customers ensured that today we are recognized as a technology company that has brought local businesses to access to Cloud capabilities, world-class Cyber Security solutions in addition to our existing telecoms and connectivity capability.”

The company also recently expanded to the Democratic Republic of Congo which formerly dependent on costly mobile broadband.



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