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Logistics Startup Kobo360 Says Its App Cuts Transportation Time by Half

Kobo360 co-founders

Kobo360, an e-Logistics startup based in Nigeria, has said its platform can cut by half the time companies take to move goods across Africa.

The startup launched in 2017, co-founded by Obi Ozor and Ife Oyedele II. According to the two techprenuers, the platform can transform the transport and logistics sector across the continent.

For most businesses, insecurity, corruption, poor infrastructure, and lack of information sharing negatively impact goods delivery, with most suffering losses due to delays.

In a recent interview about their plans, Ozor said that Kobo360 is what African businesses need to improve their supply chains and ease the massive delays.

Variously likened to U.S.-based “Uber (UBER),” Kobo360 has developed a similar app but for trucks. With the app, truck companies, owner-operators truck drivers, and cargo companies can all connect, adding efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and transparency to supply chains.

Cargo companies only need to go online to find a truck, with the driver paid half their wages once an agreement is in place. Drivers can also use Kobo360 to choose secure routes to avoid running into armed bandits. In case of incidents, drivers only need to log in to their accounts and share the information with other app users.

According to Ozor, Kobo360 can reduce the time taken to negotiate a 1,000 km journey from a week to just three days.

He added that users have access to synchronized and real-time information and recommendations. Also, based on truckers’ reports, the tech sends notifications in advance allowing drivers to properly plan around things like weather and traffic conditions.

Unilever, shipping company Maersk and Procter & Gamble all use Kobo360. With operations in Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Uganda, and Kenya, Kobo360 has helped companies move over 760 million kilograms of goods.

In August 2019, Goldman Sachs led several firms in a funding round in which Kobo360 raised $30 million.


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