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LYNK your way to success!

LYNK Founders and Team

LYNK is a community that connects households and businesses with verified domestic workers, fundis, craftsmen, and industrial experts in Nairobi. The organization has set a vision to play an integral role in creating a world wherein casual area labourers can appreciate professional stability, reasonable wages, a sheltered workplace, and the open door for vocation development. Additionally, for households and businesses, hiring someone should be safe, convenient and fair. The platform is intended to address every one of these issues by offering a network of experts that develop and improve over time. As of September 2018, the organization has successfully Lynked more than 50,000 jobs to date.

I had the pleasure of connecting with one of the co-founders and CTO at Lynk Johannes Degn about his journey that brought him to Nairobi and the pressing matters within the nation that made him stay and play a part in solving them. Johannes’ visit to Kenya was both eye-opening and humbling at the same time. Travelling from a first-world nation such as Germany, He suddenly realized what he considered to be pressing matters was nothing compared to what the nation faced. It was right then, the machine learner turned entrepreneur derailed his plans to return back to Germany and stayed in Nairobi to be part of the difference.

Like most Africa nations  Kenya has a large informal economy. Though there are no accurate statistics on how many people work in the informal economy, estimates produced in 2018 state the informal sector accounted for 83.6% of total employment. Though these estimates may not be clear they do put to light a pressing issue that needs solving especially now with the pandemic affecting global economies. Lynk is one of the many organizations that has been making a difference in solving this issue. 

Throughout my conversation with Johannes, it was clear he did not want this startup to be viewed as a marketplace or platform but rather a community that brings together blue-collar professionals to leverage of each other’s skillsets and achieve aligned objectives. As a result, this community is now multi-faceted covering many industries. Whether it is  Beauty & Wellness, Furniture & Décor or you simply want to start your own personalized project Lynk will have your back. Their consumer-driven ratings and reviews have enhanced consumer choice and fostered a culture of efficiency in the delivery of these different services.

“We don’t only connect customers to workers, we are providing what we call entrepreneurship infrastructure which informal sector workers need in order to succeed. This ranges from access to tools and materials to financial products all the way to soft and hard skill training. Because we are so heavily involved in supporting our workers, we are able to provide our customers with a full satisfaction guarantee and in that way break down some of the trust issues workers in the sector are facing.” said Johannes

With plans of expansion, this startup is breaking the geographical barriers traditionally associated with informal practice, and liberating young professionals in Africa.

If you would like to learn more about Lynk kindly follow the information below;

Website –

Email – [email protected]


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