Nigeria E-learning startup Traindemy experiences 25% growth.


Traindemy, Nigerian e-learning startup, has increased its subscriber base by 25 percent, according to an article on Disrupt Africa. The courses are available at Traindemy’s online marketplace.

At a time when many African startups are facing collapse over the COVID-19 lock-down, Traindemy’s operations have not been affected. Launched in 2018, the Nigerian startup offers online vocational courses.

Traindemy is a Nigerian apprenticeship platform that acts as the bridge between master and apprentice. The platform offers both offline and online learning in the form of vocational, occupational, and professional skills.

Traindemy recently introduced a membership plan that unlocks training from the top vocational schools and teachers. You must first register then pick a suitable membership plan for a subscription.

Traindemy has worked with the best vocational and technical school leaders in fashion, soap making, agriculture, computer-aided drawing, animation, photography, interior design, and cilinary, etc.

Traindemy took part in the first cohort of Forbes startup accelerator (Nigeria edition) which was also powered by the Global startup ecosystem.


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