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REMA just launched in Mauritania!

The sudden announcement was accompanied by thanking their employees who made it happen


REMA announced the expansion of its presence into Mauritania. They intend to maintain close proximity to their users while providing quality in customer service. As a healthcare startup, the innovative venture has played a constructive role in the fight against Covid-19. They act as a facilitator of the work being done by doctors and other healthcare authorities.


What has REMA been up to?

Founded in 2017 by Sedric Degbo, the Ivorian startup REMA is a mobile application used in remote medical collaborations, including offering medical education to practicing doctors within Africa.  Their intention is to connect practicing doctors across the continent via their platform. This fosters increased exchange of ideas and collaboration among their patients in real-time. The new communication channel also helps professionals when making decisions. The REMA network comprises over 6000 doctors spread out across West Africa. REMA goes through the trouble of verifying their medical credentials before allowing them access to the platform. Data protection is also key, meaning that integrated editing is anonymized under strict terms of use. REMA has also been mentioned by VC4A today as one of the innovative startups leading the way in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Value addition

According to REMA one in two medical decisions made across the African continent are perceptible. This is way higher than in places such as Europe where the figure is at 10%. If this is the case, it would actually translate into thousands of deaths of people (way more than malaria and HIV combined).


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