Reports: SA Amongst World’s Best at Coping with COVID-19 Business Challenges

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TechInAfrica – Although associations overall discovered their organizations disturbed, projects deferred, and strategies confronted during 2020, South African organizations were skilled at adapting to business-related difficulties because of COVID-19, says Project Management Institute.

“Making this inference in their yearly Pulse of the Profession report, PMI announced that project chiefs in 72% of South African associations detailed changes being taken in corporate strategy—against the 64% recorded universally,” says George Asamani, Business Development Leader, Africa at Project Management Institute.

As well as being flexible, South African organizations showed a higher inclination than the worldwide normal in the prioritization of reasonable remuneration (48% in South Africa versus 37% internationally).

It proposes more prominent exactness in coordinating with pay to execution despite lower tension on pay rates all through the difficulties of COVID.

However, the study highlighted some opportunities for South Africa in the areas of technology and skills development:

It proposes more impressive precision in coordinating with pay to execution despite descending tension on compensations all through the difficulties of COVID.

Nonetheless, the study featured a few chances for South Africa in the area of innovation and abilities improvement:

  • South Africa move slowly in the constant utilization of blockchain (8% locally versus 14% universally)
  • A small selection of low-code/no-code improvement applications (18% in South Africa versus 26% all around the world)
  • Low prioritization of web, mobile, and UI improvement abilities (22% in South Africa versus 30% around the world)
  • Fewer South African associations focus on the improvement of sympathy, a principal ability in design-thinking capability. (Just 12% of South African associations contrasted with 19% internationally).

Project Management Institute (PMI) has, since 2006, directed the yearly Pulse of the Profession study among project executives experts to follow patterns in the project management, conveying unique statistical surveying dependent on input from the undertaking, program, and portfolio supervisors from around the world.


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