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SA based EquityMaven launches platform for online business valuations

Their digitized valuation tool is simple and easy to track

business valuation

SA startup EquityMaven has launched a service tool offering detailed banking style online valuations for businesses. For an SME owner to scale their business and grow in tandem with rising demand, they must have access to capital. To get an audience with capital lenders, they need a business valuation tool capable of selling their venture thereby increasing their chances of raising cash.

EquityMaven gives users detailed investment-style banking valuations at a fraction of the traditional prices. Regular valuations are quite slow, costing thousands of dollars. EquityMaven offers valuations of $100 a month – a process that takes weeks instead of months.

Value addition

EquityMaven can review their valuation reports at the request of a client. Frequent reviews capture changes in inputs enriching the quality of the final report. The tool employed by the SA startup examines the key performance indicators (KPI) of the client against other international industry averages, utilizing data from over 400 industries from over 120 countries. Users can increase their valuations over time as they will pay closer attention to non-performing KPIs. The Cape-Town based startup relies on a subscription business model.


The startup is formed by a dynamic team of finance specialists and entrepreneurs.  Sean Rule, one of the partners, has a background in investment banking and expressed his expectation for increased business as most managers strive to put a valuation on their businesses. He pointed out the “urgent need” for a valuation tool out there.

Gareth Mountain, another partner, and financial services professional points out how the lockdown has exerted a lot of stress on businesses, prompting the need to reaccess their valuations. With revenues almost non-existent in most sectors, everyone is looking for a valuation service that will deliver quality, employ modern technology, and remain affordable.


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