SA Government Wants To Regulate Netflix Catalogue 


TechInAfrica – Netflix South Africa has received a regulation proposal from the Department of Communications and Digital Technologies which, according to Netflix, may be harmful to the subscribers in the long run.

The proposal includes the collection of financials and subscriber data of the content provider.

Netflix’s director of public policy for sub-Saharan Africa, Shola Sanni, said: “This is coupled with the need to regulate hundreds or perhaps even thousands of online entertainment services accessible to South African citizens.”

“Consumers might be faced with higher costs and fewer choices and fewer providers would also mean less investment in high-quality South African content and less opportunity for local talent.”

The streaming service has released locally-produced content such as Blood and Water who has international viewers of 14 million alone. Other shows were included in the top 10 most viewed catalogs for the first four weeks in North America, Australia, and others, such as Queen Sono and Shadow.



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