SA startup Farosian uses digital data to assist in the recruitment process


Farosian is a South African startup that provides a measurement for people’s social media content and behavior so as to help human resources in recruitment. The startup was founded in 2015 by Farhad Bhyat, Sinéad Frampton, and Renzo Tognocchi.

Farosian is heavily invested in realizing futuristic human resource departments through social and digital media screening. They propose a new method that saves on costs and assists companies during the ‘work from home’ period.

According to Farosian, their new approach:

  • Reduces costs by curbing employee turnover, saves recruitment fees, training and other costs associated with upskilling.
  • Creates highly productive work environments
  • Use their risk-threshold metric to help businesses meet volume hires.
  • Help employers get disciplined staff who can adjust to work flexibilities.

During a webinar held by Grindstonexl, Will Green the programme director interviewed Farhad Bhyat, the Co-founder and Co-CEO of Farosian.

Farosian operates in the digital and social media space analyzing 2498 digital and social media using qualified human insights to unravel the real person behind the data and content shared. Farosian has invested in artificial and emotional intelligence to deliver highly accurate profile results.

The startup operates in the industries of HR, Credit, Insurance, and Recruitment, as well as social media training, social media design, and development services.

Farosian began in 2015 has gone through an impressive five-year journey that was triggered by their concern of people being dismissed or arrested over their social media posts. Their vision aimed to help employers meet the right match for a job and help people get their dream jobs.

Watch the interview:

An article on Disrupt-Africa sheds more light on the performance of the startup. Among their top clients are LexisNexis and MIE, companies specialized in background screening; HRW Group and Adcorp which are recruitment agencies, and consulting firms such as PWC and Deloitte. Bhyat listed South Africa as its top client base, though they have also worked in Australia, Swaziland, Namibia, Ireland, Wales, Namibia, Canada, Singapore, Scotland, Wales, America, New Zealand, and India.

Thus far, the startup has been self-funding but has taken part in several startup programmes such as the Grindstone Accelerator by Knife Capital. They are also closely working with Microsoft Africa to have their solution run on Azure Marketplace.


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