Selected Developer Interns and SMEs Work Together In Nigeria’s Dev Placement Program

credit: Jopwell

TechInAfrica – The Developer Placement Program by UK-Nigeria Tech Hub and Decagon collaboration has become a positive experience for the youths in Nigeria.

One intern who is working on a project with Shecluded Financial Services, shared his experience, “I have improved Shecluded loan items by working with other interns. We’ve also created a new ‘Savings Module’ for the company.”

Launched in January this year, the chosen 100 developers and 43 SMEs out of 1722 developer applicants and 734 SMEs applicants, are paired for a 3-month paid internship to ‘enable SMEs to create social-impact products or projects, and for software developers to help realized that mission while honing their skills in the industry.

“Thanks to the fresh perspectives that the interns bring, the Developer Placement Program has opened our eyes to new opportunities,” Head of Wealth Advisory at Shecluded Financial Service, Chinazom Chidolue said.

“DevPlacement is fantastic,” Creator of NeuBite SME, Azubuike Akunne said.

“It provides free or discounted labor as well as suggestions on how to deal with talent. I’m hoping that these interns will be considered for positions in the businesses. I’m hoping that other small businesses can hire interns.”



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