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The 8 startups that formed the fifth cohort of Flat6Labs Tunis

The startups come from different sectors ranging from Robotics, FinTech, Aerospace, Tourism, Automotive, etc.


The pitch presentations conducted by the eight startups that took part in this year’s Flat6Lab cohort are available here.

Junior Robotics Lab

Sami Turki and Atef Ben Bakri are the founders of Junior Robotics Lab. The concept behind the education venture is a cloud-based platform that teaches children (8-15 years old) coding and robotics. Schools receive a dedicated set of curriculum equipped with educational material and cloud-ready software.

Atef has over 12 years’ worth of experience teaching computer science in public schools. He was motivated to venture down this path on realizing that the current material being taught was outdated. Junio Robotics Lab is a combination of an online platform and a curriculum, both of which teach robotics to students. The students benefit from interactive robotic sessions comprising videos, real-world problems, among other tasks and challenges.

The revenue model involves selling yearly subscription income to schools. Subscriptions vary and cover different levels of education – meaning one school can cover several modules to generate income. Since its inception, the startup has generated $52,000 in income.


Cherif Redissi, Safwen Bouali, and Amine Troudi are the founders of OnBoard which has been working hard to transform product manuals for machines. The startup has been focussed on converting the textual product into 3D “immersive and intelligent” manuals for their customers to interact with. The startup assists companies in the fields of aeronautics and robotics to reduce their onboarding times significantly. The platform operates both a free and paid subscription revenue model for its subscribers.


Adel Ayari is the founder of SeekMake, an online manufacturing platform that opens access to machines such as  3D printers, milling machines, and laser cutting machines. Most of these machines are costly, making it unfeasible for creators, designers, and architects to purchase them for their individual projects. SeekMakes gives the number of underutilized machines across the Middle Eastern & North Africa region at 5 million. The startup charges a $10 subscription fee to use the platform, of which they charge a 25% transaction commission. The startup has thus far generated over $35,000 in revenues to date.


Sqoin was founded by Mohamed Ali Belajouza and Bacem Bergaoui as the blockchain startup behind Versa. This internal payment system helps companies that involve a large number of transactional fees. Examples of sectors targeted are eCommerce, SaaS startups, and online marketplaces. The platform will save businesses up to 85% of their transaction fees. Their blockchain-powered solutions attract a $20 monthly fee at $0.01 per transaction. The startup claims to have made $70,000 in 2019.


Amin Mliki is the founder of Autoplus, an online platform that enables people to sell their used or new vehicles online. The website gives an estimate price for the car. If the seller finds it suitable, they can authorize Autoplus to sell the vehicle on their behalf. Autoplus will then conduct an on-site visit to certify the value of that vehicle. The platform will then utilize its partnerships with used car dealerships to manage the sale of the vehicle. Part of their value proposition is reducing the average sale time that can drag on for months to a few days. A 3% commission is charged upon making a sale as well as a $3,500 annual subscription fee to car dealerships who promote their cars on its platform. was founded by Nadhir Abidi, Nidhal Abidi, and Salim Hadrich. The venture intends to create a ‘Coursera’ for the MENA region. This will act as an online marketplace for localized video courses covering different topics and providing training and coaching to corporates and individuals throughout the region. The platform showcases free and paid courses covering different topics such as design, programming, business, health, marketing, and fitness, etc.) in both French & English. Schools and Universities can create their own content for a monthly subscription of $1,730 a month. Thus far they have generated $7000 in B2C sales.


Makrem Hermassi and Chahrazed Remadi, who are a couple, are the founders of Wantotrip – an online travel platform allowing celebrities and influencers to organize travel expenses for their followers while earning income. The couple has quit their job to travel around the world two years ago, built a significant number of followers on their blog, and decided to convert this experience into a business. The money generated from the platfrom is shared between the travel agency, community leader, and Wantotrip. Thus far they have organized over 24 trips and generated $280,000 in revenue.


Sghartoon is founded by Hidayet Ayadi, Saif Ben Achour, and Oualid Khayati, to help parents discover dyslexic conditions in their children via mobile applications.  Dyslexia is a learning condition that brings about the difficulty in reading. Hidayet’s motivation originated from her young sister who had dyslexia. The startup has a mobile application with 30 mini-games that assist the kids and their parents. The startup changes parents a monthly subscription fee of 10 percent to use their app, and a $1000 charge for speech therapists and psychiatrists.


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