Tunisia startup IntiGo raises $1 million for ride-hailing and logistics platform


According to a reporting from Menabytes, IntiGo a Tunisian ride-hailing startup raised over a million dollars in new funding. The bulk of the investment arose from Capsa Capital Partners who put forward $710,000 while the rest came from angel investors. The figure puts the total sum invested into IntiGo at $1.6 million. In February 2020, the startup received $300,000 from angel investors and another $300,000 three months later.

IntiGo was founded in 2019 by founders Nebil Jridet and Bassem Bouguerra. It started as a motorbike ride-hailing company but has since expanded into other delivery services.

The scooters/motorbikes on IntiGo’s network are owned by the company while the riders are on its payroll. The riders pay rent and earn a 20% commission from every ride. IntiGo’s network has over 50 bikes used for delivery and ride-hailing. In March, the startup began the delivery of groceries and concierge services.

Concierge delivery gives IntiGo the opportunity to run errands on an hourly basis at $4 an hour. The orders are registered and prepared by the grocery stores then delivery is done by IntiGo.

IntiGo was doing 12,000 rides a month before COVID-19 hit. The pandemic greatly affected their operations but the situations seem to be picking up. The startup plans to open an offshoot for independent drivers (who own their own rides) next month. IntiGo will develop an R&D department with some of the funds.

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