Tunisia telecoms VAS content aggregator Galactech raises 6 figure sum


Galactech is the first Tunisian aggregator of value-added services content for Video on Demand (VOD), video games, Media on Demand (MOD), and editorial content while acting as the intermediary between content producers and online sharing platforms.

The startup participated in the second season of the Orange Fab Tunisia accelerator, a role that has propelled its rise as leaders in publishing, distribution, and content aggregation. They also raised $200,000 in earlier seed funding.

The new six-figure pre-series A funding came from the Oman Technology Fund (OTF) and other angel investors will help Galactech expand its VAS for African and Middle East organizations as they scale their operations and work on new innovative solutions. Thus far, Galactech is working with 30 international telecom operators to launch a series of gaming services.

Galactech has developed an online platform OMG to allow game developers to monetize their games when they publish them there.

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