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Ukheshe to Maximize on the Cashless Economy by Appointing a New Executive Director

Mark Dankworth joins Ukheshe as Africa Executive Director


Ukheshe has appointed Mark Dankworth to head Africa operations as Executive Director. The new development comes at a time when the global COVID-19 pandemic is prompting people and businesses to shift their operations and payments to digital platforms.

Ukheshe was launched in 2018 as a micro-payment app targeting the unbanked community by facilitating smooth transfer payments of gratitudes, products, and services rendered.

According to the World Bank, the majority of the planet’s unbanked population is concentrated in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. The latter makes up 17 percent of the global unbanked population – about 350 million people. With that in mind, it’s only natural that the new appointee will tap into that huge market segment.

Dankworth shared his thoughts on the inextricable link between the success of the continent’s development agenda and the direct access to financial inclusion. Having previously worked in the payments sector since 2004, Dankworth believes in Ukheshe’s business model that targets small merchants and people who were skeptical of banking services. From a strategic point of view, the new director is eager to form new partnerships across the continent while building on existing ones. Notable partners thus far are Nedbank and Mastercard. Ukheshe’s new business-to-business approach will champion its regionwide expansion.

Dankworth revealed their intentions to venture into Zambia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Namibia, Angola, Botswana, and Malawi. He revealed how he derives part of his optimism from the successful adoption of M-Pesa, the Kenya-based mobile money payments platform that has transformed millions of lives in the East African country.

Co-founder Clayton Hayward expressed his confidence in the new hire and offered his support in achieving collective success. He also laid emphasis on the socio-economic aspect of the venture which aims to transform lives across the continent.

The Ukheshe app is available on iOS and Android, is free to download, and can be used without synchronizing to any bank account.



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