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Voyc, Cape Town startup takes AI software global

Voyc is working with over a dozen companies among the Bryte insurance,  Momentum, and 1Life Insurance. 

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Voyc is an AI software company that monitors and improves call center quality assurance and agent performance. In a communication on July 1, the startup announced its graduation into a fully-fledged international business as it professionalizes its brand appeal. Backed by Techstars, the company HQ is in Amsterdam with offices in Cape Town, SA.

Voyc allows companies to monitor 100% of their call centers and quickly alert risk and compliance managers in the event of potential risk. Voyc makes the work of quality assurance professionals easier by sifting through every interaction and identifying any gray areas. This enables QA professionals to ensure no customer feels mistreated.

Voyc is currently working in over a dozen financial institutions, notable ones being Bryte insurance,  Momentum, and 1Life Insurance.

Voice is the next interface and enterprise as change is a constant we can expect as we dig deeper into a technology-driven future. The pandemic has forced work from home and highlighted the role of voice communication. Texts and emails are important, but the context often gets lost during communication. Voice communication is vital for employees who aren’t technologically savvy or highly literate.

Merging AI software into voice analytics is a smart approach to changing how we view CRM. Companies are finding it hard to substitute a direct conversation with their customers. Verbal communication helps identify complex behavior patterns. Voyc has tasked itself to streamline these processes.

Matthew Westaway, the co-founder, and CEO of Voyc highlighted the importance of “Quality Assurance Professionals.”

Co-founder & CTO, Lethabo Motsoaledi, described Voyc as a “superpower” for quality assurance professionals.

What can Voyc offer your business?

  • Seamless integration in call centers
  • Simplified user experience
  • Highly secure,bank-grade protection of data
  • A great customer experience
  • Reduced risk from compliance slip-ups.
  • Agent evaluation

Find out more on Linkedin, and Twitter.

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