Why SMEs in South Africa Benefit from Alternative FinTech

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TechInAfrica – Lending games in South Africa have been rapidly changing since data and automation existed. South Africa recognizes the exposure of a new class of financial technology that utilized data and algorithms to vet credit applications within minutes with the goal that retailers can get the functioning capital they need to develop and flourish. This information was brought by the CEO of Connect Group, Steven Heilbron.

Heilbron stated that the technology-powered financing solutions as the alternative way are interrupting the commercial lending market in South Africa. Particularly, retailer areas, and in the process, it helps many small to medium businesses to cross the threat and opportunity of the volatile economic landscape during COVID-19.

He added that local retailers have to battle the cost of capital and create access to business finance. All retailers, ranging from the family-owned franchise of a major supermarket chain to the independently owned butcher, wholesaler, or fast-food store are experiencing the same thing.

Despite the high financial cost, the tedious approval and paperwork process has become vital obstacles for financing SMBs.

Data and Algorithms are Changing the Game

Presently, however, technology is changing this area by empowering creative banks to endorse R 2,5 million in financing for a retail entrepreneur in under 24 hours. In addition, as opposed to charging loan costs, they give money to a small administration expense.

Access to rich online information sources allows these moneylenders to evaluate a borrower. They will know whether the person is a credit risk without the typical requirement. It will help moneylenders to examine budget reports and delay the process, according to Heilbron.

From the retailer’s point of view, registering their businesses for a loan has become as simple as downloading an application, enlisting, and finishing an application form. When these processes are done, the retailers can choose between several thousand and millions of rand in acquired funds. The money can be reimbursed on flexible terms and in daily installments which are removed directly from a money vault.

Last, Heilbron continues that this degree of access to financing assists in changing the retail market by empowering all retailers to participate in the South Africa market with creative suggestions.

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