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5 Rising Ugandan Startups In 2021

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TechInAfrica The startup ecosystem is likely to keep growing in the future, as the threshold between the demands of society and the supporting technology grows wider, even in the second world-youngest population in Uganda.

With the stream of new investment pouring down the country’s startups from 2015 to last year, as reported by WeeTracker and AfriCo’s joint study, it’s safe to say that the Uganda startups scene is steadily flourishing.

Come join us as we take you on a tour to the 5 rising Ugandan startups in 2021.

Med X International 

The Ugandan medical technology, MedX is focused on instilling value in every health information exchanged in its cloud system, LabXpert.

The medical IT startup developed the platform to assist in Tuberculosis (TB) and COVID-19 testing, a testament to how quality clinical testing can lead to an increased rate of tested samples with real-time results.

Overall, MedX International has managed to have 100,000 samples run and tested in the platform, making its innovation a potential to behold in the medical scene.

Kanzu code 

Managing financial reports can feel overwhelming especially for the unbanked, and that’s where the Ugandan software development company Kanzu Code steps in.

The startups come with a financially inclusive-friendly platform to help businesses, individuals, and communities manage their reports, savings, and investment, such as Kazu Banking that manage their SACCO, VSLA, and investment club.

Kaino Africa 

Kaino Africa’s mission is to make learning a continuous journey, even during the lockdown due to the COVID-19. The startup provides a STEM-based curriculum for nursery-school children which they can learn from home in a month.

Educators and parents can access its web and mobile apps for learning content and teaching the children along the way.


The agritech startup Famunera is an all-in-one stop for both farmers and clients. Its online marketplace is home to various farm inputs, farm insurance, service, produce, and model of farms.

Putting quality and affordable price upfront is the startup tagline, and it has gained $15m for the farmers, as well as opening jobs in the country’s agriculture chain. Around 150 agribusinesses and 110,000 farmers have also made their purchases from its online marketplace.

Eco Plastile

The urban waste management startup Eco Plastile encourages slum dwellers to recycle plastics and getting medical service in return. The youth and women community help transform these plastic waste into durable Ecopoles, plastic lumbers, and Ecofloor tiles as a substitute for wooden timbers and unsanitary floors.

The process developed by the company is called waxy 2 technology which is chemical-free with efficient energy usage and has helped reducing marine pollution as well as the rate of climate change.


The year 2021 is arguably not the ‘brightest’ year as we are still shrouded with the COVID-19, which may limit a few of our movements, specifically in the businesses we own. However, the Ugandan startups above have demonstrated how obstacles can become opportunities, and how the quality and value of their initiatives for society are immeasurable in the long run.

We certainly hope that more startups flourish from the country, gracing us with even creative and valuable solutions.


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