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7 Best Mobile App Ideas for Startup


TechInAfrica — Business is a dynamic field and a constantly developing world. People are fighting to land first place on providing the best product that solves real-world problems. With ever-growing business ideas, there are immense possibilities to create innovative products, not to mention the easily accessible ones through mobile phones. Everything connected to the internet is easing people’s lives.

So, if you are planning on building your own mobile app-based business or in the middle of gathering new ideas, below are 10 mobile app ideas for the startup you might want to consider.

  1. Solving queries app

This is for those people who are curious about many things and often find difficulty acquiring perspective from another person with similar interests.

This application will allow you to get a better solution to all of your curiosity, ideas, or thoughts.

Topics will be categorized and people will be allowed to ask questions according to the topic and users with related knowledge or similar interest will post the answers. It is just like how Quora works wonderfully.

  1. Sports partner and sports equipment rent app

Sports are better with a partner, no matter what kind of sports you are into. The idea of this app is to find co-players to do exercises together. This app will also enable people to find sports equipment to rent in a nearby store.

It could work as a social network by letting others in the community know if you are looking for co-players.

  1. Efficient money spending app

This app will scan your account details or provides the best solutions to spend your idle money you have entered. It will be proficiently achieved with strong encryption practices even if it allows the app to view bank account details.

It will help users who are looking for the best way to spend their hard-earned money.

  1. Wedding planning app

A wedding is a relatively complex event to conduct and planning one will be easier with this app. The app will provide a wedding planner to-do list along with a feature that allows users to find recommended decorative items or accessories they need.

This app has a lot of potentials as you can get in partnership with wedding planners as well.

  1. Goods bartering app

This mobile app will provide a marketplace with a barter system facility. Users can list the products they want to sell and also find products from the listed products they need. They will exchange goods with no money involved.

The app will give users unique shopping experience.

  1. Traveler’s crime-heat map app

With traveling being the favorite thing to do by people nowadays, it is always a good idea to build a business in traveling fields. As traveling gets more popular, there are many things that travelers should look out to, such as locations that the travelers don’t familiar with.

This mobile app will provide travelers the information about a particular location they go to and indicate the crime rate of that location, in the form of a heat map. It will serve as a complimentary with an established app like Google Maps.

  1. AR interior designing app

Adding virtual elements to interior designing will help users incredibly. With this app, users will have a real-life previews that are close to their design expectations. It will also allow users to take a picture of a room and let them try various furniture that suits well.

You can do more with this app by tying up with various furniture or electronic partners.



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