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A Kenyan start-up Afya Rekod collaborates with a UK-based company



Medi-science International Limited and Afya Rekod, a start-up based in Kenya, say they will work together to improve access to personal health data in Africa and Europe and change how healthcare is delivered.

Patients will be able to access a record of their medical history as a result of the agreement, enabling patients, doctors, and hospitals to host health records securely on a single platform using a digital application.

According to John Kamara, chief executive officer of Afya Rekod, “decentralization” refers to the alteration or adjustment of existing healthcare systems. He outlines the normal protocols and procedures that are now in place, such as when someone is sick, they go to the doctor, they either give insurance or pay out of pocket after being evaluated, and so on. The patient are then  prescribed one or more medications . This is considered the standard methods for addressing that effect.

Kamara thinks that this system does, however, exhibit some faults. Many patients have to wait weeks to see a doctor, and some do not have health insurance or the financial means to pay for the care provided by a medical professional. Others cannot pay for prescription medications or are given medicines that do not alleviate their condition but instead lead to an increased reliance on the medication.

Our mission is to make the well-being of our patients the primary focus of everything we do. We want to make it possible for families to have virtual access to their medical information and to retrieve those records quickly and easily at any time. According to him, the collaboration with Medi-science International Limited will allow patients and physicians access to their medical records uninterrupted.

Afya Rekod is a platform driven entirely by patients and places them at the center of all healthcare services. It can capture, preserve, access, and own their health records, which offers various benefits, one of which is a reduction in the expense of repeating medical tests.

Patients or doctors will no longer be necessary to return to the health clinic to acquire imaging files or test results because they can access these items through an application on their mobile devices or a browser on their computers. Afya Rekod employs various blockchain and AI modules, and the patient retains the sovereign right to their health data. It ensures that patient information is kept confidential.

According to Kamara, “Afya Rekod enables clinicians to access data and exchange it with other specialists, which enables them to make diagnoses and decisions that are more informed.”

Convenient proximity between medical professionals and patients cuts down on time spent standing in line for consultations between medical professionals and patients. 

Therefore, providing a Patient-Prompt Service more effectively without requiring the patient to be physically present at a hospital or other healthcare venue.

“Our world’s Healthcare Systems are going through what we would prefer to call a stage of awakening,” remarked Sunny Ahonsi, chief executive of Medi-science International Limited. 

For several decades, the accessibility and effectiveness of our healthcare systems, which are currently burdened by an aging population, have been stuck in a rut about the traditional treatments and care they provide for individuals.

Because of this, the decentralization of healthcare is turning into an increasingly urgent necessity. At Medi-science International Limited, we collaborate with the existing healthcare systems while simultaneously decentralizing their traditional procedures to produce the highest possible levels of care that are also the most cost-effective.

Your wellbeing is in the capable hands of our forward-thinking professionals here at MediLiVes, the care connectors. Together with Afya Rekod, we will concentrate on making data more accessible to generate insights that can contribute to improved, more specific, and more individualized patient care.

The public and the health sector must work together to move the digital healthcare journey forward, which will help millions of people. This partnership helps that journey. Your health is in the hands of our innovative experts, and MediLiVes are the care connectors,” stated Sunny Ahonsi, the CEO of Medi-science International Limited.

An analytical telemedicine system is provided by MediLiVes, a product of Medi-science International Limited. This system aims to reduce the time and money required for medical examinations. MediLiVes is a forward-thinking project offering unique and cutting-edge telemedicine solutions.

One of the fields experiencing the most rapid expansion worldwide is telemedicine, which is based on technology that allows for a patient’s health status to be monitored from a distance. Because of the adaptability of our primary offering, it can detect anomalies not only in cardiology but also in diabetes, dietetics, civilization diseases, and chronic illnesses.




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