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A Swiss CV venture capital group has invested in South African metaverse startup SodaWorld


SodaWorld is being hailed as Africa’s first and only arena for the Metaverse, and it has just received early global financing from a famous Swiss venture capital firm.

The fledgling technological company allows artists to generate much-needed cash from their work within the Metaverse.

SodaWorld is one of the very few international platforms that use the much-touted Metaverse in a way that benefits creatives, and it is one of those very few platforms.

Soon after CV VC gave SodaWorld money, it was announced that it would be one of only two projects from around the world to be part of the Venice virtual reality program at the Venice Biennale. An annual gathering of people from all over the world to celebrate art and culture in Italy. The gathering will be one of the main events scheduled for the Venice Immersive 2022 festival.

On September 2, SodaWorld will broadcast live from the Soda Studios in Johannesburg, a South African music experience crafted by local music experts. This music event will be live streamed using the SodaWorld immersive VR technology and VRChat capabilities enabling attendees in Venice to enjoy a twin VR version of the event.

 Guests in Venice will be immersed in a spectrum of various African flavors from traditional instruments and language specialized rappers to future-oriented Afrotech DJs.” Featuring Soda as one of our two worlds where a live event will be hosted exclusively for Venice Immersive is a very exciting strong point of our overall pick,” said Liz Rosenthal, the curator of Venice VR. “Soda is a very exciting strong feature of our overall selection.”Guests in Venice will be able to experience a twin VR version of the next SodaWorld event that will take place in Johannesburg because the event will be live streamed using the SodaWorld immersive VR technology and VRChat capabilities.

The unique functionality of SodaWorld was just recently introduced via a beta version of Sodaworld. The tv platform is a website in the vein of Twitch and Netflix that enables artists to interact with an online audience. The motivation behind the investment from CV VC, whose goal is to make people aware of the unrealized potential of blockchain technology.

“CV VC is a blockchain tech early-stage VC situated in the world’s most mature blockchain hub, Crypto Valley,” says Olaf Hannemann, chief investment officer and co-founder of CV VC. “CV VC is a blockchain tech early-stage investment firm with head office in Switzerland. We make investments in new businesses that have the potential to alter how people engage with one another and conduct business all over the world by utilizing blockchain technology.

 The talented team at SodaWorld has demonstrated the drive, determination, and industry understanding necessary to provide artists and creators with exactly what they need. Trust needs to be rebuilt in the entertainment and performance industry, particularly from the standpoint of those who create content. The SodaWorld platform can accomplish all of this and more, including creating new revenue sources for producers.

Gideon Greaves, managing director of CV Labs Africa, says, “As the incubator business pillar of CV VC, we at CV Labs Africa are excited to partner with the team at SodaWorld,” said the managing director of Africa, Gideon Greaves of CV Labs Africa. They are developing applications on blockchain to make it possible for artists to make money off of immersive fandom.

Their enlightening platform allows African creators to engage with audiences worldwide through a daring new universe referred to as “the metaverse.” The Metaverse is, to put it more simply, an interactive and augmented version of reality. Accessible to fans at any time and location and offering a platform on which fans and artists may communicate with one another, The possibilities are essentially limitless.


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