Adaverse Funds Altify in a Move to Expand Global Alternative Investment Opportunities


Adaverse, a pioneering accelerator operating across Africa, the Middle East, and Asia within the Cardano ecosystem, has recently completed a strategic investment in Altify. While the exact investment amount remains undisclosed, this move marks a significant milestone in Adaverse’s mission to empower startups, particularly those at the forefront of global blockchain innovation. Altify, the recipient of this investment, is a wealth-building and savings platform with a user base of over 80,000 individuals spanning Africa and Europe. The platform’s core objective is democratizing access to alternative investments, such as private credit, venture capital, real estate, crypto assets, and more. Leveraging blockchain technology, Altify ensures that these investment opportunities are accessible to everyday investors through secure and fractional digital assets.

Reasons for Investment

The investors, led by Adaverse, made a strategic investment in Altify due to several compelling factors rooted in the unique value proposition and potential of the alternative investment platform.

First and foremost, Altify was recognized as a trailblazer in the financial sector, particularly in its innovative utilization of blockchain technology. This technological approach, enabling the creation of secure, fractional digital assets, resonated with Adaverse’s vision of investing in the future. Vincent Li, the Founding Partner of Adaverse, highlighting Altify as a pioneer, underscores the strategic alignment between the accelerator and Altify in advancing forward-looking solutions in the financial landscape.

Once again, Altify is addressing a crucial gap in the market, aiming to democratize access to a wide range of alternative investment opportunities. The platform’s core mission revolves around making investments traditionally reserved for high-net-worth individuals and institutions accessible to everyday investors. This aligns seamlessly with Adaverse’s overarching mission of empowering startups that are driving innovation in the blockchain space on a global scale.

What sets Altify apart is its unwavering commitment to financial inclusivity. This value strongly resonates with Adaverse’s ethos of supporting ventures that contribute to inclusive markets and challenge conventional barriers.

Additionally, Altify is led by CEO and Co-Founder Sean Sanders, who brings a wealth of experience in investment management, venture capital, and entrepreneurial endeavors. Investors have recognized Sanders’ exceptional leadership and the strategic vision that propels Altify forward. His dedication to making wealth-building opportunities more accessible, especially for younger and everyday investors, underscores a shared vision with Adaverse in bridging the investment diversity gap and democratizing access to lucrative alternative markets.

Introducing Altify

Altify, born out of a merger in the fourth quarter of 2023, brings together the strengths of South African platforms Revix and BitFund, along with Austria’s Coinpanion. This innovative platform is dedicated to alternative investments, allowing users to invest in assets such as private credit, real estate, and cryptocurrencies for as little as $10. Sean Sanders, the CEO and Co-Founder of Altify, who also founded Revix, envisioned this platform as the solution to the limited investment options available to everyday investors. What sets Altify apart is its user-friendly interface, accessible entry threshold, and a wide range of assets, including crypto bundles, enhanced cryptocurrency pairs, and physical gold. As a CFA Charterholder, Sean Sanders expressed his frustration as a retail investor and outlined Altify’s mission to democratize access to alternative investment markets, which the ultra-wealthy has historically dominated.

Altify is deeply anchored in South Africa and extends its reach into the United Kingdom and Austria. The company envisions a global expansion strategy, introducing private credit, real estate, and venture capital to its services. With the support of Adaverse’s extensive worldwide network and expertise, Altify aspires to establish itself as a holistic center for alternative investments, in perfect harmony with its mission to democratize the creation of wealth on a worldwide scale.



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