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Addis Ababa Choose Eshi Express For Next Investment

PHOTO Courtesy of Eshi Express

TechInAfrica – The Addis Ababa Angels Network has landed investment on Eshi Express as it believes the firm will be able to solve the ‘last mile’ challenge with its 4-year track record and solid team.

“Eshi Express met AAA’s standards for investment as it is a tech-enabled and scalable business with a great team that is coming out just as the country is experiencing a digital revolution of sorts, Mr. Yosef Kibur, Owner of Yaya Investment & Cofounder of AAA said.

“They have a unique opportunity to be part of this revolution.”

Haben Gebre, Eshi Express’s Co-founder and COO, commented on the investment, saying, “At Eshi Express our core belief is companies with a great mission will bring positive and lasting change to society

“And we’re excited to partner with Addis Ababa Angel Investors as it will enable us to make strong impact and expand our reach.”



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