African Startups that Control Telecommunication Scene in the Continent

Sonatel, Safaricom, Inwi, Maroc Telecom, Telecom Egypt, Blue Label Telecoms, MTN, Glo Mobile, Cell C

Telecom technology and mobile has been embraced by almost all countries globally. However, Africa still stands out as one of the continents that have embraced it in a wide range in the recent past. Many telecommunication firms have come in to offer millions of Africans with a variety of mobile-based services. Some of the African mobile operators are amongst the most valued telecom brands globally. The telecoms have helped to improve lifestyles of individuals. They have offered finance, communication, and internet connectivity. They have done this using their telecommunication technology and infrastructure. Here are 10 most valuable telecommunication startups on the continent.


Based in Senegal, Sonatel is the leading mobile operator in Senegal. The company majors in mobile, telephony and line telephony. Moreover, it majors in internet service, corporate telecommunication, and television. Moreover, it is the fifth most valuable telecoms brand in Africa and 136th globally.


Kenyan based company was founded in 1997. It is currently the largest mobile service provider in the country. It was the first company to install 3G in East Africa back in 2012.  Safaricom has been the initiator of technologies and crosses over services in East Africa. The company is the 2nd most valuable telecommunication brand in Africa. Furthermore, it is the 99th most valuable brand globally.


The Moroccan based telecommunication startup is at 169th position globally. The company is sharing the Moroccan telecommunication market with Meditelecom and Maroc Telecom. Moreover, Inwi is a subsidiary of Kuwait group Zain and SNI group.

Maroc Telecom

This is the main telecommunication operator in Morocco. Moreover, it is the 3rd most valuable telecommunication brand in Africa. The startup is listed on Euronext Paris and Casablanca Stock Exchange. Furthermore, Maroc Telecom has subscribers in Burkina Faso, Mali, Gabon, and Mauritania.

Telecom Egypt

The company is under the ownership of Egyptian government. The company is the 201st globally and 9th in Africa. Telecom Egypt works hand in hand with the likes of Vodafone and Orange. This allows them to offer their users a variety of services.

Blue Label Telecoms

The South African based startup is the 207th most valuable telecommunication brand globally. Blue Label Telecoms is the 10th most valuable brand in Africa.


The South African based startup is the number one most valuable brand in Africa. The company is worth $3.3 billion in 2018 moving up by 9% from 2017. The company is the 45th most valuable telecommunication startup globally. Apart from South Africa, MTN operates in Ghana, Benin, Nigeria, and Uganda. It also offers its services in Rwanda, Swaziland and Cote D’Ivoire.

Glo Mobile

The Nigerian based startup started operating in 2003. It is the 130th most valuable telecommunication brand globally and 4th in Africa. Glo Mobile also operates in Ghana and Benin.

Cell C

The South African based startup is the 7th most valuable company in Africa. Moreover, it is the 158th most valuable globally. Cell C competes with Vodacom and MTN in South Africa. The startup offers its services to more than 20 million mobile subscribers.


Half of the company is under the ownership of South African government. The startup is the 6th most valuable telecommunication brand in Africa. Telkom is at the 140th position as the most valuable telecommunication brand globally.


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