AgriTech4Egypt Innovation Challenge is open for applications

Village Capital’s Agriculture Africa 2019 Selects Nine Startups to Join the Program
Village Capital’s Agriculture Africa 2019 Selects Nine Startups to Join the Program via

The AgriTech4Egypt Innovation Challenge is currently open for applications from driven scientists and entrepreneurs who are working on agri-tech solutions to enhance the productivity, efficiency, and climate resilience of Egypt’s agricultural system.

The AgriTech4Egypt Innovation Challenge is dedicated to nurturing early-stage agri-tech ventures in Egypt that have a proven concept (POC) or minimum viable product (MVP). The program is designed to equip these ventures with the essential tools for developing a robust go-to-market strategy, including market access and technical validation.

In key areas such as digital agriculture and precision farming, agri-finance solutions, sustainable value chain development, capacity-building tools, and effective irrigation water management, we are actively seeking agri-tech innovations.

Selected ventures will have the opportunity to participate in a fully funded four-day immersive bootcamp, gain valuable networking opportunities with agribusinesses and other partners, access professional advice from CGIAR scientists and industry experts, and be eligible for a sponsored six-month acceleration program.

These resources will provide valuable support in establishing the fundamental framework for an agri-tech enterprise, facilitating its potential for substantial expansion in Egypt.

Furthermore, participants will have the opportunity to receive an equity-free grant of up to EGP300,000 (US$6,500) from ASRT, as well as the chance to test and validate their solution with end users for a period of up to six months. Additionally, they will gain exposure to potential investors and market prospects.

The accelerator program is scheduled to take place from June to October, culminating in a demo day set for November.

Applications will be considered until April 21st.

Please visit the website to apply or to find out more information.



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