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ALX Tech Hub: Revolutionizing SA’s Tech Education Landscape”


Nestled within the bustling city center of Braamfontein, ALX Tech Hub aims to equip South African youths with the digital skills necessary for employment opportunities. 

ALX South Africa’s General Manager, Divesh Sooka, says that collaboration is important: “Government, civil society, and the private sector must work together to solve infrastructure problems and give young people chances to learn in-demand skills that will allow them to take part in the global digital economy.”

Fostering African Leaders and Bridging the Tech Talent Gap

Pursuing its goal of reshaping Africa through the cultivation of three million morally upright and business-minded leaders by 2035, ALX has proclaimed the inauguration of its inaugural ALX Tech Hub in Braamfontein, Johannesburg.

This Tech Hub is set to offer a shared workspace, providing solutions to key infrastructure obstacles that plague numerous South African learners, such as stable electricity and access to high-speed internet.

With the capacity to host around 1600 learners daily, the hub aims to function as a nexus for students to engage with mentors, professionals in the industry, and fellow students, thus stimulating cooperation and innovation.

With its Tech Hubs established in eight nations throughout the continent, ALX aspires to amass the most substantial group of skilled tech professionals in Africa. This is a significant contribution towards the worldwide mission to rectify the anticipated tech talent deficiency of more than 85 million individuals by 2030.

As a constituent of the African Leadership International (ALI), ALX forms part of a pioneering network of organizations, all with the unified objective of reducing unemployment across Africa. Their shared goal is to empower two million budding professionals to seize significant employment prospects by 2030.

From 2021 onwards, more than 85,000 learners have successfully completed their education at ALX, with nearly 85 percent of these graduates securing employment within a six-month period post-training.

The mixed learning methodology of ALX, integrating digital education with face-to-face instruction, has yielded lower attrition rates and heightened learner performance.

The institution envisions broadening the scope of its Tech Hubs throughout the nation, endorsing a nationwide hybrid learning approach.

Rejuvenating SA’s Youth and the Inner City

Located in the lively urban center of Braamfontein, the purpose is to equip South African youth with digital competencies for job prospects.

ALX Tech Hub fosters the development of tech professionals, honing both technical and soft skills that are crucial for flourishing in rapidly expanding sectors.

With its all-embracing training courses, ALX aims to provide equal access to tech education, thus stimulating South Africa’s proactive involvement in the worldwide tech transformation.

Irrespective of previous official tech education, ALX’s programs furnish learners with practical, in-demand skills that act as a springboard for their professional journey.

Apart from tech expertise, these programs emphasize cultivating soft skills such as critical thinking and adaptability.

South Africa’s Youth Employment Scramble

A survey conducted by Stats SA reveals an alarming 46.5% youth unemployment rate, underscoring the urgent issues of skill deficits and joblessness in South Africa.

Sooka asserts that imparting digital skills to South Africa’s youth can stimulate job creation, promote entrepreneurship, and significantly bolster economic growth. Ensuring meaningful and enduring involvement in the economy is pivotal for the country’s future and the prosperity of its younger generation.




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