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Amazon Introduces Revolutionary AI Feature to Streamline Shopping Experience


The next time you shop on Amazon and find yourself inundated with numerous reviews for that microwave you want, a new AI feature is here to simplify your experience.

Unique to Amazon, this advanced feature efficiently sifts through studies, highlighting common themes and summarizing the product’s page. The AI quickly analyzes product feedback, offering you a condensed overview for swift decision-making.

It’s akin to a shopping aide that emphasizes vital product details, sparing you the chore of combing through individual reviews.

AI-driven review summaries are available for a select group of U.S. mobile shoppers across numerous products. Yet, Amazon intends to refine and broaden this feature, embracing more customers and including more product types soon, all “based on customer feedback,” they note.

Amid the growing rivalry in the tech arena for superior AI, the e-commerce behemoth has been exploring avenues to embed more AI into its services.

In addition to the AI-curated reviews, Amazon is rolling out a product insights tool. This feature enables customers to detect common threads in reviews, granting a holistic perspective on user feedback about an item.




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