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Andela Bridges the Gap of technical Talent Assessment with Qualified


Recently, Andela, one of the top global talent networks connecting companies to remarkable engineering talents in Africa, obtained Qualified, an assessment platform that verifies top engineering talents. 

The acquisition of Qualified represents Andela’s first publicly announced acquisition. Although, the agreement between Andela and Qualified was completed at an unrevealed sum. The acquisition will add 3.6 million engineering talents to Andela’s global communication and this deal will enable Andela to broaden and increase its ability to source and expertly determine talents. These engineering talents gathered were formerly users of Codewars, an online community operated by Qualified, that allows technical experts to compete among themselves and grow practical coding skills through gamified challenges.

Jeremy Johnson, Andela’s CEO and CO founder, stated that “labour market places are considered by inefficiencies between supply, demand, and quality. Qualified allows us to address those inefficiencies by providing the certified right talents at the right time. Then companies will continue to trust that talent sourced through Angela has the needed skills regardless of where they live and work “. Another of the company’s CEO and CO founder, Jake Hoffner, mentioned that broadening Andela’s product will have a way for companies to hire software engineers via processes that will unveil what the outcome of on-the-job performance would look like.

According to Jake, ‘The tech industry has historically relied on hiring practices that have proven to be ineffective. The expanded platform will allow companies to create engineers that are predictive of their on-the-job performance. In addition, we provide companies and our growing tech community a bigger, broader, and better opportunity to connect globally’

Andela is dedicated to the development of emerging markets, such as Nigeria, where it launched its operations in 2014.

This organization has since created a network of technical talent in over 170 countries worldwide and has been supported by $381 million in venture capital funding.

However, with the acquisition of Qualified, a brand that identifies itself as the world’s most effective platform for assessing software engineers. Andela is ready to enlarge and strengthen its position as a major global talent network.

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