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Ballo creates eco-friendly sunglasses by upcycling garbage


Ballo is a firm based in Cape Town that was established in 2013 and creates high-quality closed-loop unisex eyewear from waste materials that have been repurposed . Offcuts from local enterprises (including hemp, wood, cork fabric, and others) are used in producing these sunshades.

By repurposing materials that might otherwise be wasted in other sectors of the economy, the company has demonstrated its commitment to promoting the circular economy. Ballo is dedicated to “putting the planet before profit” and is working toward a production process that generates zero waste. As part of this mission, the company recycles all of the material it discards to make products such as laptop stands, earrings, and flower pots.

In addition, Ballo prioritizes hiring South Africans over investing in machinery with automated functions to boost employment rates in South Africa. These one-of-a-kind sunglasses are made from sustainable materials and can be purchased online in various styles. International shipping is available.

Every Ballo product is conceived and crafted by hand in Cape Town. Because unemployment is the most pressing issue facing South Africa, we have decided against automating our goods’ production and will continue to rely on human labour.

Before being released into the wild, frames go through a series of processes and hands, where they are improved and inspected at each stage. Every item is treated with care and love while being produced in an environment filled with fun.



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