Bamboo Payment Joins Forces with InDrive to Elevate Payment Processes in Ride-Hailing


To promote transportation and financial accessibility in Latin America, the Uruguayan fintech entity, Bamboo Payment, has announced a pivotal alliance with the ride-hailing service InDrive.

The essence of this union is to refine the customer journey by delivering prompt and streamlined payment options to InDrive’s clientele across its primary Latin American territories, which include Argentina, Peru, and Chile.

Bamboo Payment is renowned for its expertise in simplifying global online transactions for enterprises. It addresses the complexities of cross-border financial settlements and the burden of high transaction costs. Their holistic strategy encompasses a variety of payment avenues and stringent measures to counteract fraudulent activities, especially for businesses operating within the Latin American sphere.

Conversely, InDrive has swiftly risen to prominence, establishing itself as one of the leading mobility apps with an enviable user count surpassing 100 million across 45 nations.

This partnership is poised to further amplify InDrive’sremarkable trajectory by offering its ride-hailing clientele an uninterrupted online payment experience.




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