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Beekeeper Tech, a Tunisian startup, has raised $640K in a seed round


Beekeeper Tech is excited to announce that it has raised $640.000 in a seed round to help it achieve its goal of developing cutting-edge beehive tracking, monitoring, and breeding technologies.

216 Capital Ventures is the lead investor in the company, and other well-known business angels, such as Mr Ibrahim Al-Rashid and Bridging Angels, have contributed considerably to the investment.

Aside from Dammam BioTech Valley, Startup Tunisia, TAQADAM, and OQAL Angel Investors Network, these organizations have also given money, grants, and advice.

The most common problems for beekeepers are weak bees, dying bees, hives that fall apart, and theft from the apiary. Early problem detection will save you time, allow you to devise solutions that work, and reduce the amount of money you might lose.

As a result, you will have the opportunity to expand your business. By keeping an eye on the health and productivity of your hives, you can more efficiently manage your apes and ensure the quality of your business.

Beekeeper Tech is a group of enthusiastic engineers and beekeepers working hard to provide the most remarkable accuracy experience to the beekeeping community.

Beekeeper Tech will be able to expand more quickly and strengthen its position as a leader in the Middle East and North Africa due to this funding. It will also expand its bee genetic breeding program and recruit great performers to strengthen its team.

According to the CEO, Khaled Bouchoucha, it is significantly more difficult than we anticipated to create a firm in the agtech sector to cater to a specific part of the market using IoT and biotech-based products. Despite some difficulties, we made tremendous progress.

Techbuild’s Take

Beekeeping is a rarely talked part of agtech. Beekeeping is just as important as other things and needs to be considered.

The bee is one of the numerous insects in the world that can generate products advantageous to everyone.

These bees feed us with honey, which is an integral part of our diet, as we all know. Beekeeping is essential since honey has been used to heal various diseases since ancient times and is an antioxidant.

Honey collection has traditionally been done manually, but technology has made it easier. Because bees are in great demand for pollination, multiple firms, including Beekeeper Tech, are campaigning for innovative technology.




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