A big step forward! OneLamp, Uganda-based startup, gets Nest’s funding commitment.

The startup received several funding commitments after it took part in Nest’s popular online pitching show.


Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Nest, an event designed for startups, has been  very active. The Nest is a digital pitching event helping startups to get the necessary funding for their business. Every week, three startups are allowed to pitch their ideas to a panel comprising of angel investors online. Anyone who cares to invest can also listen to the various startups speak.


Besides OneLamp, numerous startups have received funding commitments via this digital event that takes place via Zoom. Among the prominent ones is Interact Lab, an Egyptian-based startup. 


The investor panel for the week’s edition that saw OneLamp secured funding commitment comprised of Sarah Dusek, the Co-founder of Enygma Ventures, Ijeoma Agboti, FBNQuest Funds’ CEO and Geetha Tharmaratnam, Aequalitas Capital Partner’s CEO. 


Derrik Hoseas pitched for OneLamp, the Uganda-based startup, which focused on the building and selling solar home systems. After the pitch, UNTAPPED CEO and The Nest Organizer, Jim Chu, said he was going to invest in the startup. Tharmaratnam also indicated her interest, followed by the audience in attendance. 


Pitched by Derrik Hosea, Uganda’s OneLamp develops and sells solar home systems. Jim Chu, chief executive officer (CEO) of UNTAPPED and organizer of The Nest, confirmed he would invest. Tharmaratnam said she was also interested while funding commitments were received from the audience as well. 


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