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Calendly buys Prelude, a recruitment startup


The scheduling startup Calendly, valued at $3 billion, has recently acquired  Prelude,a firm with a focus on the recruitment process.

Prelude is designed to make it easy to set up job interviews and other meetings related to hiring.

While announcing the acquisition, Tope Awotona, CEO of Calendly, stated, “What makes this acquisition especially exciting is that it accelerates our mission to holistically tackle external scheduling difficulties for individuals and teams in companies of all sizes, from SMB to enterprise.”

Since a few years ago, Calendly has been focused on businesses instead of just individuals. In December 2021, it added a feature to help teams schedule meetings across time zones.

The Prelude acquisition shows Calendly’s interest in the HR software and hints at its desire to build out other specific use cases. According to Awotona, this is unlikely to be its last acquisition or its only foray into catering to specific businesses.




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