DevCareer and TBD Hold Inaugural African Web3 Hackathon


African non-profit DevCareer has partnered with Block’s TBD to bring Web3 technology to Africa through the continent’s first Web3 hackathon.

TBD provides tools aiming to open decentralized finance to all developers. The DevCareer hackathon allows participants to explore Web3 and build autonomous technologies.

Web3 is a decentralized platform enabling dapps and protocols, with an identity layer beyond the current web. Developers, designers, writers and tech enthusiasts from Africa can showcase skills, connect and compete for a $30,000 prize pool through this hands-on event.

The virtual hackathon runs November 20th to December 15th with three phases:

First, the Learning Phase, where TBD staff lead a foundational webinar to equip participants with Web3 development resources.

Next, the Writing Phase, where participants document and explain their solutions through public posts and articles, sharing learning.

Finally, the Building Phase, where teams employ Web3 to solve real-world problems.

The hackathon is open to all, but participants must join teams of up to four, including at least one woman. Teams will collaboratively build web apps that address real issues, learning how Web3 infrastructure can generate solutions and value. Finalists will pitch to judges for prizes.

“We’re thrilled to deliver Web3 potential to African talent through this innovative, collaborative platform,” said DevCareer. “We hope to spark transformative, creative ideas and motivate participants to build inventive Web3 solutions.”

Hackathon rules require willing collaboration and relevant skills. Participants must commit significant time over the four weeks. Registration closes November 20th, with names, emails, numbers and teams submitted then or during the Learning Phase.

Participants are encouraged to document their project journey through articles and blogs. Teams must build with Web3.js and provide unique solutions based on their app’s focus. Final projects require presenting to judges through video calls.

Ultimately, through engaging with Web3 to create applications, participants can evolve their skills and connect with professionals.

By making emerging technologies like Web3 accessible across Africa, platforms like DevCareer and TBD enable wider decentralized participation. Rather than concentrating knowledge and resources, events like this distribute capabilities to inspire locally-driven innovation.



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