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Digital Health Insurer, Eden Care, raises pre-seed funding to drive improved product offerings


Eden Care, a digital insurer established in Rwanda and licensed by DOB Equity, Seedstars International, the Norrsken Foundation, and Bathurst Capital, has successfully concluded a pre-seed investment round.

Eden Care is the first online insurance company in Rwanda and the rest of East Africa. Its main goal right now is to insure and work with companies whose goal is to build a team that is engaged, healthy, and happy. With its digital products, the startup makes health care easy, quick, and stress-free.

The company also has a fintech vision of making a digital health underwriter that is rethinking healthcare by directing data and money flow to meet the needs of the modern African consumer.

It uses technology and data science to help customers find their way around the healthcare system.

With this investment, the digital health insurer plans to offer its members free telemedicine later this year. This will cut its administrative costs by 50% and allow it to do more for its members’ health than existing brokers.

The platform is also ready to take advantage of a wide range of opportunities as Africa moves from a low-income to a middle-income country over the next ten years. This will be possible because more people will have private health insurance and spend more on health care.

Moses Mukundi, CEO and founder of Eden Care, said that the investment would make its digital insurance services grow quickly.

The platform is also prepared to take advantage of a diverse variety of opportunities as a result of Africa’s expected to transition over the next ten years from a low-income country to a middle-income country. This will be achievable as a result of an increase in the number of individuals with private health insurance as well as an increase in the amount of money spent on health care.

One in which it is simple for us to understand our advantages and which offers us wellness resources, a supportive community, and financial incentives to assist us to get and remain healthy. We are thrilled to welcome new investors that share our values to our cap table.

Arnold Mwangi, an Investment Professional at the Dutch impact investment firm DOB Equity in Nairobi, said about the funding round, “The health insurance market in East Africa is ready for disruption that gives consumers better value and, in the end, better healthcare.”We know Eden Care has what it takes to give consumers that boost in value and service.

DOB is happy to work with Eden Care to change Rwanda’s health insurance. By digitizing insurance processes and giving wellness-first insurance coverage to employers, Mwangi continued, “Eden Care is making quality health insurance available to an underserved market – emerging SMEs and companies.”



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