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Dream VC to empower the next generation of young African investors


Dream VC is looking to catalyze the next generation of Africa’s investors. Presently, few opportunities exist in Africa for aspiring local investors and the young to break into the VC space. As a remote education-skilling institute, Dream VC will provide greater access and opportunities to traditionally underrepresented individuals in Africa’s venture capital ecosystem.

Given many of the players investing in the continent are not homegrown, the programme is looking to change that. This won’t take a narrow focus on diversity but offer access and opportunity through a remote VC fellowship program geared towards aspiring young venture capitalists looking to kickstart their journey.

A 4-month long summer program will run from June to September offering weekly training, project assignments, engaging workshops, and panel discussions with a key focus on Africans within the continent and those in the diaspora. The program looks to teach the basics from conducting due diligence, drafting investment memos, understanding strategies and legalities of setting up VC funds or Angel groups.

As part of the programme, one learns how to source and conduct due diligence on startups, draft investment memos while evaluating startups, navigating cap tables, financial statements, and funding terms, understanding term sheets, SPVs, & Syndication in Venture Capital, and Portfolio Management, Fund Structures, & How to Launch a VC Fund.

Dream VC was launched in 2021 by former tech founders and investors behind MZZ Africa.


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