Dubai Based Safety and Tracking Device Secures $300,000 of Investment

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WakeCap is a startup based in Dubai which deals in tracking and safety devices. The device is always attached to helmet used by workers in construction sites. The device offers decision makers and managers with on-time cloud-based visibility of accidents. It also provides them with daily attendance and live-location of each worker. Additionally, it provides an alarm system for workers to report emergencies instantly. After that workers are in a position to get easy and immediate evacuation alerts.

Recently, the device’s startup secured funding worth $300,000 from Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC). CCC is a construction group that has its projects all over Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. The startup is targeting to raise an investment worth $1.5 million within a period of the coming six months. Many international and regional VCs have also committed themselves to give WakeCap an investment worth $400,000.

According to Aref Boualwan, CCC’s business process re-engineering and MIS’ manager, the company’s primary objective is safety. He added that the only startup in the construction site that is in a position to offer them that is WakeCap. Boualwan says that the startup has a significant impact on productivity. Moreover, it is in a position of reducing overhead charges, and that is why CCC got attracted to it.

The two will also work together with WakeCap’s infrastructure to come up with customized use means to meet the CCC worker’s needs. One of the features that the two are currently developing is live heat map. Sensors from WakeCaps enable the feature. It will help workers in managing the stress that comes with heat during summer seasons. Hassan Albalawi WakeCap’s founder and CEO said that there are a lot of innovations that go on in constructions’ central office. But only a few people are involved in the main dynamic onsite activities to improve the safety measures and the high cost of labor. He added that WakeCap ensures that the construction sites are fully connected. Additionally, it ensures that the construction site is fully automated and digital.

Albalawi said that the path comes with a lot of challenges. Therefore, the unrivaled scale from CCC will help them overcome the challenges. CCC also comes with a strong appetite for innovation and geographically diversified projects. CCC is on the verge of using WakeCap in one of their significant projects based in Dubai. CC’s company management and site supervisors will be in a position to tell the worker’s location on the job site. After that, they will be able to get immediate alerts on any emergencies. This will help them to protect their workers, improve safety. Most importantly it will help them to increase their production value.


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