DXwand, Egyptian AI Firm, Bags $4M in Series A for Growth and Innovation

Artificial Intelligence and Its Ability to Create New Industries
Artificial Intelligence and Its Ability to Create New Industries via

DXwand, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) startup based in the Middle East, has recently completed a successful Series A funding round, raising a total of $4 million. The investment round was spearheaded by notable investors such as Shorooq Partners and Algebra Ventures, with the Dubai Future District Fund, an existing investor, also continuing its support.

Established in 2018 by co-founders Ahmed Mahmoud and Mahmoud Gomaa, DXwand has quickly risen to prominence in the AI-driven software industry. The company’s platform is renowned for its capability to automate text and voice interactions between businesses and customers through a variety of channels. These channels include call centers, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, and website interfaces.

DXwand’s financial growth continues with its recent influx of investment capital, following its pre-Series A funding in June 2022, which secured $1 million. This earlier funding round was spearheaded by Huashan Capital and the US-based venture capital firm SOSV, with additional contributions from several angel investors.

This latest financial boost is set to significantly bolster DXwand’s strategic expansion efforts within its target region. Furthermore, these funds are crucial for expediting the company’s research and development projects. Key focus areas for these initiatives include generative AI, knowledge mining, and the development of omnichannel conversational AI technologies.

DXwand’s innovative AI-powered software revolutionizes the way businesses interact with their customers. Offering support in both Arabic and English, the platform leverages cutting-edge language processing technology to automate dialogues and gather critical insights. This information is displayed on intuitive dashboards, helping businesses to make strategic decisions based on data.

Ahmad Mahmoud, DXwand’s CEO, shared his excitement following a successful funding round, stating, “This substantial investment is a game-changer for DXwand. It allows us to accelerate our growth across the region and enhance our focus on developing Gen AI and RAG technologies. We are thrilled about the new avenues this investment opens for both DXwand and the evolving field of conversational AI.”

Tamer Azer from Shorooq Partners highlighted the significant impact of DXwand’s technology, noting, “DXwand is not just accelerating growth, but also enhancing it intelligently. It’s transforming how governments operate, making them much more efficient. The technology taps into a wealth of institutional knowledge, enabling improved information access. This leads to a more effective interaction between governments, businesses, and their diverse stakeholders, which include citizens, employees, and customers.”

Algebra Ventures’ Managing Partner, Karim Hussein, spoke about DXwand’s efficacy in addressing real-world challenges: “The team at DXwand has developed an exceptional and extensive array of AI tools. These tools effectively address the practical needs of their clients on a large scale. This is evident in their growing list of content clients, comprising leading corporations and government entities in the region.”

DXwand’s AI technology is revolutionizing not just business operations but also the work of technical teams in sectors like aviation and oil and gas. By tapping into a wealth of institutional knowledge, these teams are achieving greater efficiency and precision in their tasks.

The CEO of Dubai Future District Fund, Sharif El-Badawi, has highlighted DXwand’s alignment with Dubai’s AI strategy. El-Badawi praises DXwand for its consistent demonstration as a leading innovator in General AI, noting its impressive growth in acquiring sophisticated new client accounts. The continued investment from the fund is a testament to their belief in DXwand’s vision and its synergy with Dubai’s AI goals, evidenced by their selection for the Dubai Centre for AI.

The recent funding round for DXwand not only cements its position as a key player in the Middle Eastern AI arena but also highlights the increasing acknowledgment of AI’s pivotal role in transforming various industries and boosting efficiency in multiple sectors.




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