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EcoSafi Unveils Revolutionary Biomass Cookstove, Setting New Standard for Clean Cooking


At the IEA Summit for Clean Cooking in Africa today, EcoSafi, a leading provider of high-quality clean cookstoves and sustainable biofuels, made a significant announcement in their climate change efforts with the introduction of the EcoSafi BetterStove. This innovative product has also achieved the first-ever ‘A’ rating for a clean cookstove project from the ratings agency BeZero Carbon.

Over 2 billion people around the world still prepare their meals using wood, charcoal, or even dung. This practice is a major contributor to global carbon emissions and deforestation, and it is the leading cause of death and disease from household air pollution.

The BetterStove represents a significant advancement over previous biomass stoves, offering families a clean, sustainable, and affordable way to cook. Designed to combine form with function, the BetterStove is the cleanest, most efficient, and highest-performing biomass stove available, delivering gas-like performance using planet-saving, sustainable biofuel. Beyond its excellent performance, the BetterStove completely redefines the appearance of cookstoves with its bold, sleek design that families will be eager to use.

The BetterStove boasts a range of features that make it outperform any other biomass cookstove on the market:

Efficient: The BetterStove provides unparalleled thermal efficiency and runtime. It is 25% more efficient than the closest competing gasifying stove, significantly contributing to reduced carbon emissions. A single batch of sustainable biofuel offers up to 2.5 hours of cooking time.

Affordable: EcoSafi’s biofuel costs half as much as charcoal or LPG while delivering an equally, if not superior, cooking experience.

Clean: The BetterStove adheres to the WHO’s definition of a clean cookstove, achieving tier 4+ for PM2.5 and tier 5 for CO, putting it on par with electric, LPG, and other similar technologies.

Sustainable: The stove operates at 95% cleaner efficiency than charcoal, potentially reducing up to 3.5 tons of carbon emissions per customer annually, based on the most rigorous methodologies and metrics available. BetterStove’s IoT-native design provides real-time carbon impact verification.

Customer-centric: Developed with years of customer feedback, the BetterStove is built for long-term use and comes with a lifetime warranty, unmatched by any other stove. Its remote sensing capabilities enable EcoSafi to accurately measure carbon emissions and respond to real-time insights, ensuring customer satisfaction.

“Families deserve a clean, low-cost, and reliable way to make dinner, one that won’t strain their pocketbook or harm our planet. This stove outperforms any biomass stove currently available, saving families both time and money while also helping to cool the planet,” said EcoSafi CEO Tom Price. 

“We are thrilled to provide our customers with a premium product that was designed with their feedback, addressing their needs and wants at every step. Our new cookstove boasts a clean, modern design that customers will be proud to use in their homes. At EcoSafi, we are dedicated to quality, from the stoves themselves to the sustainable biofuel pellets that power them, and the carbon credits we offer. This new stove embodies that ethos and our commitment to delivering the best products and service possible.”

The release of the BetterStove further solidifies EcoSafi’s position as a trusted leader in clean cooking, building on its recent industry-first success. Last week, the company announced the issuance of the first carbon credits generated in Africa under Gold Standard’s industry-leading Metered and Measured Energy Cooking Devices (MECD) methodology. The company has already received an offer for their entire first tranche of premium credits, recommended by UC Berkeley for delivering proven impact, at a price of $30 each. This pending transaction would be almost ten times the spot market price for cooking offsets, demonstrating that high-quality credits command premium prices.

Even more significantly, yesterday, EcoSafi was proud to receive an ‘A’ rating from BeZero. This is the highest rating BeZero has ever given to a cookstove project anywhere in the world and the first ‘A,’ validating EcoSafi’s commitment to charting a new path forward in high-integrity carbon for the entire cookstove industry. To read our ratings summary and learn more about our BeZero rating, click here and register for a free BeZero account.

EcoSafi had the honor of being the sole cookstove company invited to exhibit as a Climate Innovation Partner at the COP28 UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai. Additionally, EcoSafi was among a select group of companies featured at this week’s IEA Summit.

Operating in Kenya and Uganda, EcoSafi offers stoves that are free to use with a one-time $5 service fee and a subscription to EcoSafi’s affordable biofuel. The fuel pellets used are made entirely from sugarcane waste in Africa, which helps save trees and significantly reduce carbon emissions. The BetterStove will be available to customers starting this summer.

For a demo of the BetterStove, contact [email protected]m. For more information on purchasing EcoSafi’s high-quality, high-integrity carbon credits, contact [email protected].

About EcoSafi

EcoSafi is a provider of clean cookstoves and sustainable biofuels, committed to delivering on the promise of clean cooking and high-quality carbon credits in Africa. The company offers a premium cookstove and a low-cost, sustainable biofuel made from agricultural waste to replace the harmful wood fuels currently used. These wood fuels are the leading source of climate emissions per household in the developing world and a major driver of deforestation in Africa. As a champion for integrity in carbon markets, EcoSafi scales its impact through high-quality carbon credits that are trusted by the most rigorous buyers on the market.


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