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Egyptian Brotinni gets a seed investment of $600,000 to grow Butcher’s Network.


Foodtech firm Brotinni, based in Egypt, has acquired $600,000 in a Seed financing round headed by Innlife investments to bring innovation to the meat market.

Dalia Abou Omar founded the company in 2020, offering customers a platform to place orders for meat and poultry products and have those items delivered on the same day. It claims that the things it sells directly are provided by the farmers with whom it works in collaboration.

Dalia Abou Omar started the company in 2020. It gives customers a place to order meat and poultry products and have them delivered on the same day. It says that the farmers with whom it works together provide the things it sells directly.

With the completion of its “dark butchery” model, which was the first of its kind in Egypt and the broader Middle East and North Africa region, Brotinni just built its first warehouse to serve its clients in Cairo and ensure smooth product flow and quick shipping (MENA).

It also desires to maximise the storage spaces to grow and satisfy the requirements of a wider group of prospective customers. 

According to Dalia Abou Omar, the market for the delivery of locally prepared food and groceries has expanded substantially throughout the past few years, whereas the need for the delivery of raw meat has not garnered enough attention.

With Brotinni, we want to change the user experience and shape the future of the meat-ordering business by having complete control over the cold chain and supply chain activities that make up the meat delivery process.

Omar says they have recently been working on making vacuum seal bags that could extend the shelf life of fresh meat by up to 45 days. This aligns with their goal to give their business a way to stand out in the rapidly growing food tech market.

Users can place orders through the startup’s website and mobile apps, which are available on Android and iOS smartphones. Furthermore, its products are available on several of the leading digital grocery ordering platforms in its native market.


Techbuild’s Take

Food technology is in the spotlight because this field is becoming more and more popular. The largest industries in the world are the ones that deal with food and farming.

The potential for employing technology to improve food is considerable. It extends to increasing food consumption and lowering food waste, which is critical for reducing the adverse environmental effects of a growing population.

Several companies are looking into how to handle, package, and distribute this new generation of sustainable, healthy, and imaginative food, while others are focusing on the food itself.

Industrial food technology is a sub-segment that focuses on resolving fundamental business models and B2B-specific issues in the food sector.

Among the firms featured are innovations in unique processing and packing processes, as well as novel ingredients with superior nutritional, branding, or composition features, which is what Brotinni is all about in the meat market.



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