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Egyptian startup unveils brand-new digital platform for mental health care in South Africa


Shezlong, a health technology startup formed in Egypt, has now expanded its operations to South Africa. The company has brought its popular psychotherapy platform to the nation in the face of rising rates of depression and other mental health diseases.

In South Africa, the word “Upright” will replace the name “Shezlong,” which was primarily used in Arabic-speaking countries. 

The young company claims it was forced to make this decision because of a “mental health crisis,” which requires them to “stand up and provide the support that they need.” According to the research findings, online mental healthcare is in significant demand.

The rise in the prevalence of mental health problems has been attributed, amongst other things, to the alarmingly high proportion of gender-based violence, inadequate medical treatment during pregnancy, and unemployment.

Under the Upright brand identity umbrella, Shezlong has developed both a website and an application. According to Alaa, this is just a stepping stone on the path to the organization’s larger goal: to make mental healthcare available and accessible to everyone on this planet because everyone deserves to have the highest possible quality of life. This is just a stepping stone on the path to the organization’s larger goal.

We are moving forward with a distinct strategy and a steadfast vision in the direction of expansion and progress. Alaa explains that the organization’s objective is to “make mental wellness a daily practice for every individual in Africa to assist develop resilient communities, and thereby induce a beneficial impact on the welfare of the society using innovative, accessible, and easy to use technology.”

2014 saw the beginning of the platform’s relocation from Cairo to South Africa. According to PitchBook, the company has previously received funding from 15 different investors, and the most recent transaction was valued at $2 million.

 Patients can identify their mental health issues and receive treatment with the assistance of the platform provided by the startup company. Patients can search for licensed therapists, reserve appointment times with them, and talk to them without disclosing their identities or other personal information.




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