Ellalink and Cabo Verde Telecom Strikes A Fibre Connectivity Agreement

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The technological revolution in the world depends mostly on infrastructures.  Various organizations are doing what they can to ensure that there is improved infrastructure in multiple regions. EllanLink together with Cabo Verde Telecom have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The MoU will help to connect Cabo Verde with subsea fibre. The EllakLink system is a new submarine cable of 4 fibre pair. It is being developed to meet the traffic demand between Latin America and Europe. The fibre will be operational in 2020. Once the construction is over, the fibre will offer the only direct connection between the two regions. Moreover, it will also branch along the 6,000 kilometers to serve customers in Madeira and Cabo Verde.

Apart from that, the new connectivity will enhance the reliance and diversity of the Cabo Verde’s telecom infrastructure. This is by offering a direct route to both Portugal and Brazil. Furthermore, it will provide access to the capacity of telecom that will ensure significant growth in cloud computing, internet, and services of 5G across the region. Cape Verde Telecom’s CEO Jose Luis welcomed the opportunity for the addition of connectivity of fibre to the Islands. He added that the new infrastructure will improve Cabo Verde’s capabilities as a strategic telecommunication hub. This will offer direct access to The Americans and Europe.

EllaLink’s chairman, Alfonso Gajate, said that Cabo Verde Telecom’s commitment represents a significant step for EllaLink towards its construction. It is also a confirmation that there is a great need for improved connectivity between Latin America and Europe. He added that EllaLink is proud to offer its support to the ambitions of Cabo Verde Telecom to enhance the digital economy of the country. The move will no doubt improve the economy of the country as a whole. All sectors of the economy will significantly benefit from the initiative, and it is for the good of the two continents.


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