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Enza Capital Secures $58M for African Startups, Introduces Innovative Founder Scheme


Enza Capital, an Africa-focused venture capital firm supporting startups across the continent, has closed two new funds totalling $58 million. The capital targets companies bridging offline and online experiences while digitising key African industries.

Enza embarked on its VC journey in 2019 by launching an early-stage fund to identify and nurture high-potential seed and pre-seed startups. This initial fund remains active, backing diverse sectors like fintech, logistics, health, human capital, and climate tech.

Investments include Kenyan climate tech startup Guidewheel, Kenyan fintech Shara, and Ivorian fintech Djamo. Enza has also co-led Series A investments in insurtech Turaco and other portfolio companies.

According to Co-Founder Mike Mompi, Enza now has sufficient capital to make meaningful investments from the early stages through later follow-on rounds. The new growth fund focuses on later-stage co-investments of up to $20 million per firm.

Other recipients of Enza’s investments, ranging from $250,000 to $5 million, include Autochek, Jumba, Craydel, Cloudline, and SeamlessHR. These companies may also be eligible for further growth capital.

With its second expanded fund launched this year, Enza considers itself a multi-stage investor while remaining committed to its core industries. Since starting, Enza has made 48 investments in 31 companies across 10 African countries.

Looking ahead, Enza plans to grow its presence in Lagos and Francophone Africa to support portfolio companies better. It is also launching an innovative founder-partner program.

This initiative enables founders and teams from Enza’s investments to become co-owners. Enza will allocate 10% of its carry pool to these partners based on referrals and investment size.

The program aims to foster stronger, collaborative, long-term relationships beyond standard VC arrangements. By making founders co-owners, Enza seeks to align incentives and cultivate shared success.

From its robust funding to creative founder initiatives, Enza continues evolving as a major African VC player empowering innovation. Its growing team and capital allow Enza to back companies from early seed rounds to late-stage while forging productive partnerships.

As Enza expands across Africa, its holistic vision promises to keep unlocking startup growth and tech ecosystem development. The firm’s latest milestones reinforce its commitment to the continent’s immense potential



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