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Fintech start-up in Africa can apply for the Luxembourg accelerator


For the fifth iteration of Catapult: no less than ten of Africa’s most promising early-stage fintech companies will be chosen. A one-week boot camp called Inclusion Africa will be held in Luxembourg, a European city known for creating and commercializing new goods and services.

Applications for the coveted program are currently being taken, and the organizers are calling upon start-up companies with a primary focus on expanding access to financial services to facilitate greater connectivity between Africa and Europe. The inaugural edition of Catapult: Inclusion Africa happened in 2018.

The LHoFT Foundation, a joint venture between the public and private sectors, has issued a statement stating its firm conviction that the development of financial technology is essential to further financial inclusion and rehabilitating underserved  communities that conventional banking institutions have neglected.

Whether through loans for farmers in the countryside, point-of-sale technology for merchants who don’t have bank accounts, or specialized insurance products, entrepreneurship is making the world a better place for everyone.

 Fintech companies interested in collaborating with Luxembourg’s microfinance business are the focus of Catapult: Inclusion Africa. This event will showcase how these companies’ actions match with the sustainability aims of Luxembourg’s financial center.

The fintech and financial ecosystem of the country in northwestern Europe is getting ready to offer assistance to select start-ups to help them build their businesses and meet their inclusion objectives. Additionally, businesses participating in Arch Summit, an event focusing on investigating innovations in technology for the next generation, will receive unparalleled exposure.

The accelerator is being billed as a unique Bootcamp that will showcase the initiatives of several selected African fintech. The mapping of the business model, various scaling techniques, investability, the presentation of the business plan, various legal tactics, pricing strategies, and marketing strategies, among other things.

Also, fintech chosen for Catapult: Inclusion Africa will have the chance to connect with sponsors, partners, microfinance institutions, investors, and public financial institutions in Luxembourg.

African start-ups that want to grow can fill out an application online here 




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