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Flutterwave Rebrands and Launches Renovated Send App”


Flutterwave, a premier African payments technology firm, has revealed an upgrade to its $end Mobile product, now rebranded as Send App by Flutterwave. This enhancement aims to streamline and expedite money transfers from individuals in the diaspora to their families, friends, and loved ones in Africa, making the process more cost-effective.

The rebranding comes amid a major increase in remittances to the continent, which have more than doubled in the last decade and are expected to exceed $100 billion by 2022, according to the United Nations. These monies have been critical in meeting the medical, educational, and lifestyle requirements of over 200 million African relatives.

The Send App has expanded its services to include transfers from the US and Canada and has recently added Egypt and Sénégal as recipient countries within its network. Since its launch in 2021, Send by Flutterwave has been committed to facilitating fast, transparent, and secure transactions, empowering the African Diaspora to bridge distances, strengthen bonds, and stay connected with their home

The Send App from Flutterwave has elevated money transfers to an act of affection and assistance, creating a positive impact on the lives of your dear ones. Flutterwave pledges its dedication to facilitating the diaspora communities in maintaining connections to their origins, all while ensuring transparency, reasonable fees, robust security, and prompt delivery.

The Send App, now accessible on both Play Store and App Store, is designed to augment the user experience. Its noteworthy features encompass real-time assistance and live exchange rate updates, a revamped activity segment for real-time transaction monitoring, and an innovative voucher code area that grants users transaction discounts.

Speaking about the relaunch, Temioluwa Adesina, Lead Product Manager for Send, commented: “Our persistent efforts and improvements have been aimed at making the Send App the ideal money transfer solution for Africans living abroad. I am thrilled that we are launching it now, enabling millions of Africans, both locally and overseas, to conveniently, securely, and swiftly support and interact with each other through money transfers on the Send App.

Flutterwave’s Founder and CEO, Olugbenga Agboola, added: “Regardless of where we are as Africans, our bonds with home are strong, and we continually strive to back, appreciate, and stay in touch with our dear ones. We are thrilled to assist the over 160 million African diaspora members in their quest for a seamless and secure connection with home through speedy money transfers via the Send App. This remittance solution is built upon our expertise in cross-border transactions and extensive global payment infrastructure. We’re committed to simplifying payments for unlimited potential, and the Send App is a crucial stride towards that aim.”

To transfer money via the Send App, follow these steps:

  • Register on Send App (Available for Android or iOS). Provide your email address/ phone number and create a password.
  • Tap the “Send Now” option.
  • Fill in your transfer specifics, such as the amount, the currency/country you’re sending from, and the currency/country you’re sending to.
  • Review the transaction details and proceed with Sending Money.

An app update will offer a fresh look and additional capabilities for existing users. New users can download it on iOS or Android by selecting the respective links below:

  • Download the Send Mobile App for Android devices from the Google Play Store.
  • Download the Send Mobile App from the App Store for Apple devices.




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