Flutterwave’s Send App Empowers Malawian Diaspora to Send Funds Home Seamlessly


Flutterwave, a fintech company, has recently received authorization from the Reserve Bank of Malawi to function as an International Money Transfer Operator (IMTO) in Malawi. This development allows Flutterwave to handle remittances to Malawi from Malawians living abroad and other Africans through its Send App.

The Send App by Flutterwave offers robust protection for customers’ funds against fraud, scams, and other financial risks typical of international money transfers. It provides competitive exchange rates and swift transfer processes and is accessible through user-friendly mobile and web platforms. The app supports transactions in 150 currencies, offers continuous customer support, and maintains stringent security and compliance standards.

In a strategic move in September 2023, Flutterwave expanded its services by partnering with IndusInd Bank in India to introduce the Send App in India. This collaboration enables Flutterwave users to transfer money from India to 30 African countries where the company operates.

In a broader perspective, there have been significant changes in Flutterwave’s executive team. Three key finance executives — CFO Oneal Bhambani, Global Head of Strategic Finance and FP&A Oscar Lan, and Controller Rebecca Mendel — have departed from Flutterwave after one and a half years of tenure.

In related news, engineers formerly with Ethereum and Polkadot have created one of Africa’s first blockchain infrastructures, Hyperbridge. Meanwhile, Flutterwave is undergoing executive changes, and Gozem is intensifying its focus on its super app strategy.




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