The Forces Behind Increase in Adoption of Cloud Technology in Africa

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There is a high revolution when it comes to mobile devices acquisition by Africans. Many Africans keep buying mobile devices for their daily use. This is attributed to the fact that there is also a growing improvement in the network coverage. MTN South African just finished piloting the 5G network. It shows African network provider commitment in supplying the continent with the network.

Moreover, the cloud adoption in Africa is on the rise. This was said by Colin Timmis, South Africa Head of Accounting for New Zealand-based software company Xero. The development will help to improve the small businesses within the continent. However, there is still a call for education and awareness to the Africans to speed up the adaption more. There is a need to work on a business rather than in a business.  Good business coaching and management skills will help reach the target.

People should have an extra knowledge when it comes to running their businesses. However, many African countries still cannot access the internet. This is one of the main challenges to high adoption.  Providing connectivity and making it a priority to access information will solve African problems. Internet access should be a basic right to all areas in Africa. There was a campaign in South Africa to have free Wi-Fi in Pretoria city.

Moreover, South Africa is still the leading African country in the cloud adoption and it is due to good infrastructure. Few countries like Botswana might have better infrastructure than South Africa. However, the country still stands out in IT. South Africa has the best IT across the region. Despite the fact that SA has the best cloud adoption, many SMEs are still using the old technology. Statistics show that 44% of SA businesses use the new technology. This has helped them to generate a benefit of 70%. Not less than 48% claims to have saved time using the modern technology. On the other side, 52% says that cloud technology has helped to reduce the cost of operations.


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