Gebeya collaborates with O’Reilly to enhance tech skills in Africa


Gebeya, a Pan-African technology company, has recently forged a partnership with O’Reilly, a renowned American learning company, to enhance the technological skills of Africans.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Gebeya for this impactful initiative aimed at empowering thousands of Africans with essential technology skills and knowledge to tap into the opportunities available on Talent Clouds,” stated Alexia Pedersen, Senior Vice President International at O’Reilly. “We take pride in being chosen for our extensive content offerings, including books, videos, sandboxes, and live online courses, all accessible from any location. These resources connect learners with our network of experts and innovators, providing a diverse range of learning formats.”

O’Reilly provides extensive technology and business learning solutions to a vast user base, encompassing diverse topics such as data analytics, infrastructure architecture, artificial intelligence, and cloud services. The platform caters to individuals aiming to elevate their skills and expertise in the swiftly evolving tech industry.

Gebeya recently announced its repositioning as a Talent Cloud provider and has now entered into a new partnership. The scalable Talent Cloud technology offered by Gebeya is an AI-powered and configurable SaaS platform. It enables partners and customers to create their own talent ecosystem, sourcing, vetting, qualifying, and skilling individuals and professionals while also building communities and offering opportunities. Additionally, Talent Cloud owners seeking to provide an extensive e-learning experience can now request O’Reilly at a more affordable rate and in their local currency for their users.

Martin Ndlovu, the Chief Growth Officer of Gebeya, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “This is a significant achievement for Africa.” He highlighted the impact of integrating O’Reilly’s extensive collection of expert-developed courses into Gebeya’s Talent Clouds, emphasizing the empowerment of African talent with the essential skills and knowledge required to thrive in today’s digital economy. This strategic partnership to provide O’Reilly’s suite of offerings throughout the African continent creates abundant opportunities for millions.

Expanding on Gebeya’s collaboration with Microsoft, the introduction of O’Reilly aims to further enhance the partnership. The upcoming launch of will offer a wide range of Microsoft-aligned courses, including Azure administration and AI engineering, curated by O’Reilly. This initiative will significantly contribute to skill development for sought-after roles.

Upon completion of the carefully curated learning paths, individuals will attain industry-recognized O’Reilly badges certifying their Azure competencies. This achievement grants access to over 160 Azure labs, unlimited sandbox environments, specialized Azure courses, and practice exams. These resources are designed to equip individuals to meet the talent needs of Microsoft partners. This strategic combination reinforces Microsoft’s capabilities and establishes the Microsoft Talent Cloud as a pivotal force in connecting skilled individuals to numerous opportunities across Africa.

The partnership between Gebeya and O’Reilly represents a significant milestone in Africa’s tech landscape, providing individuals with access to top-notch training. By integrating O’Reilly’s expert-developed courses into Gebeya’s Talent Clouds, starting with the Microsoft Talent Cloud, African professionals will have the opportunity to enhance their expertise in Microsoft Cloud and AI. This collaboration is set to ignite a new wave of innovation and advancement across the continent.




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